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Fuzhou Auplex Appliance Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Fuzhou Auplex Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. We are specialized in the wholesale of various kinds of appliances and cooperate with more than 50 appliance manufacturers. OEM order is welcome. All the goods are given factory price and delivered directly from our manufacturers to customers. There are various c...


Drip Coffee Maker & Espresso-EK503
Drip Coffee Maker & Espresso-EK51
Drip Coffee Maker & Espresso-EK58B
Drip Coffee Maker & Espresso-EK506
Drip Coffee Maker-06104
Drip Coffee Maker-EK88A
Drip Coffee Maker-EK88B
Drip Coffee Maker-EK18
Drip Coffee Maker-10107